JEDDAH: Jeddah will this month host screenings of international films, organized by the Saudi-Arab Society for Culture and Art.

The screenings will take place in two five-day periods, with the first starting July 7 and the second starting July 29. Films will be shown with Arabic translations.

In the first period two films were chosen, starting with a musical comedy cartoon about trolls in a hidden city. Difficulties are experienced with the discovery of prings, which experience no happiness and realize they can be happy if they eat a troll.

The second film is about the memory loss of a robo-dog who is adopted by a family that helps it search for other missing robots and its best friend.

Amr Al-Jasser of the Saudi-Arab Society for Culture and Art said the Society is working within Vision 2030 to develop art and culture in the Kingdom. More details are available at

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