Avoid energy drinks, experts urge youth

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JEDDAH – Jeddah’s College of Business Administration (CBA) hosted a number of experts here on Monday to highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease.
The event was held to mark World Health Day which is celebrated on April 9.
The experts who took part in the open discussion included dietitian Dr. Rowaidah Idrees, general practitioner Dr. Riman Abu Karam, dentist Dr. Anan Andanousi, yoga and alternative medicine expert Nouf Morawi and dermatologist Asmaa Al-Aswad.
Dr. Nadia Baeshen, Dean of CBA’s female campus, said the event’s agenda “highlighted all the necessary issues and hazards our female community faces”. She said there was discussion on eating habits, exercise and regular medical checkups.
The doctors said students should avoid energy drinks and smoking.
Bassmah Attar, deputy of student affairs, said the event was aimed at educating students about healthy life choices to help them generally and academically.
Sarah Al-Shehri, supervisor of student activities at the college, said the plan is to hold the event every year to raise awareness about health issues.
Jeddah’s Green Team performed a Taekwondo show to highlight the importance of being active. __


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