New traffic points system coming up

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RIYADH – The General Administration of Traffic is to introduce a Traffic Violations Points System next Hijri year (mid November) which could see motorists get suspensions of three months to a year, a lifetime ban and imprisonment.

The points system will be initially enforced in Jeddah and Riyadh, according to a traffic official quoted Saturday in the Arabic press.
Drivers will be given copies of their points record every time they go to the traffic department to pay their fines.
When a driver gets 18 points in one year, his license will be suspended for three months, he will be imprisoned for seven days and fined SR300. If he gets the same number of points a second time in one year, his license will be suspended for six months, he will be jailed for a fortnight, pay a fine of SR600 and attend a rehabilitation program for one week. If a driver commits a third such offense, his license will be suspended for one year, he will be jailed for two weeks, fined SR900 and have to attend rehabilitation classes for two weeks. If a driver gets 18 points a fourth time in one year, he will be banned forever from the Kingdom’s roads.
Points for violations are cancelled at the start of every year.
The traffic official added that drivers will also be awarded special points for driving safely. Two safety points will be awarded for each driver who does not commit a traffic violation in one year. – SG

Points for violationsn Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and certain medicines – 24 points

n Hot rodding – 24 points

n Crossing a signal light – 12 points

n Driving in the wrong direction
– 12 points

n Moving fast and recklessly between vehicles on public roads – 8 points

n Not following the hand signals of a traffic officer – 8 points

n Driving a car without brakes and lights – 8 points

n Not following traffic rules in a roundabout – 6 points
n Exceeding the speed limit by more than 25 kilometers an hour – 4 points

n Overtaking school buses when they stop to let students get on or get off
– 4 points

n Not fastening safety belts – 2 points

n Using mobile phones while driving
– 2 points

n Stopping on railway tracks – 6 points

n Transporting uncovered loads
– 4 points


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